OPUS ANGLICANUM - ENGLISH WORK - unique story telling
5 men singing unaccompanied, & a narrator PATRON Dame Emma Kirkby
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Sat Oct 18th CHANT WORKSHOP Two Moors Festival, Exmoor »

Sun Oct 19th DUNSTAN Two Moors Festival, Exmoor »

Sat Nov 22nd ST CECILIA’S DAY CONCERT Wells Cathedral »

Sat Dec 13th FIGGY PUDDING Haslemere Museum »

Sun Dec 14th FIGGY PUDDING Frome, Rook Lane Chapel »

Mon Dec 15th MEDIAEVAL CAROLS Wells Cathedral »

Tues Dec 16th CHRISTMAS CONCERT Chipping Campden »


Fri Jan 23rd CANDLEMAS CHANT Wells Cathedral »

Fri April 17th MEMORIAL CONCERT Wells Cathedral »

Mon April 27th RESIDENTIAL CHANT COURSE Benslow Music »

Sun June 28th THE HOUSE Thaxted Festival »






WELCOME - this page - gives details of EVENTS and how to book for them through the list 'Concerts and Workshops' just to the left.

OUR WORK is some background on the content of our unique and idiosyncratic sequences which are in the repertoire this year.

OUR PEOPLE is a brief biographical page including the members of the group and the Trustees of the Opus Anglicanum Trust; and also including links to our friends, festivals for whom we have given performances, and people with whom we have worked

OUR HISTORY describes what we have done in the past 26 years, including lists of past programmes and performances.

OUR CDs is an opportunity to buy recordings and the DVD of Sally Beamish's 'Sea Psalm';and also gives account of some no longer available.

Our recent Friends Newsletter has been sent out. This comes twice a year, edited by Jo Godfree, containing news of the members of the group, recollections, articles on various tangentially related matters and so on. It is sent to those who support our work by an annual subscription to the Opus Anglicanum Trust and is not available online. Should you wish to subscribe (£20 or more) your help will be of real benefit, and you may do so here.

It is always a pleasure to hear from our supporters, and to have questions from those interested to know more about us and our work. Please use the email address at the page head if you wish to write to the group, or if you wish to be added to the list for email reminders of concerts and workshops.